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Sculpture: Also known as carving, it is the general term for the three creative methods of carving, carving and molding. Refers to the use of various plastic materials (such as plaster, resin, clay, etc.) or hard materials that can be carved and carved (such as wood, stone, metal, jade, agate, aluminum, glass steel, sandstone, copper, etc.) to create A visual and tangible artistic image with a certain space to reflect social life and express the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions, and aesthetic ideals. Carving and engraving reduce the engraving material, and the plastic material achieves the purpose of artistic creation by stacking plastic material.

For the Love of Art | Pico Art Sculptures | Sculptures Show Time | Custom Decorative Metal Sculpture, Wall Art Manufacturer & Supplier
Pico Art Best For the Love of Art | Pico Art Sculptures | Sculptures Show Time | Custom Decorative Metal Sculpture, Wall Art Manufacturer & Supplier Supplier,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.The sculptures we made for client's project, all from our standard designs. Many kinds of shape and finishing, and you can find stainless steel sculpture, or composite sculpture, and you also can find the abstract sculpture, or modern sculpture like guitar or torch. Customized design or size is welcomed, can you please share with your ideas?
Customized Metal Wire Mesh Animal Sculpture manufacturers From China
Pico Art Customized Metal Wire Mesh Animal Sculpture manufacturers From China,WE DO CREATIVE ART.WE CREATE ART.These metal mesh animal sculptures are very lifelike and the shapes are also very beautiful. Although the knocking of metal mesh is easier than that of metal plate, it also requires the same tedious steps, which are manually knocked one after another. Then it needs to be spliced, welded into a whole and polished, and the surface is processed. If you need to paint, you can also spray paint into the color that the customer wants. Monochrome or multiple colors are all possible.
stainless steel bear sculpture Supplier & manufacturers | Pico Art
The good advantage of stainless steel is what we can make mirror finish, it looks very nice and fashional.It can be install on indoors or outdoors, garden, park and so on.Also it can be electroplating, like the gold plating color looks very close to the gold material.It is the special way we can try to match the feeling, we can find the right solution to satisfy our client's requirement.Make the concept to be ture.
Modern simple concept abstract art decorative transparent resin sculpture with wood base - Pico Art
This kind of sculpture was made with transparent resin and wood, we called it mixed sculpture.It means included at least two different material but make them looks like the all-in-one.Mixed sculpture make sculpture more possible development and extendency.We will not stay where we are, but will think more about the collocation and decoration between different materials, which will highlight the natural beauty and artistic structure
Best metal round rod welding sculpture Supplier
We will make the mold based on the design or client's conception.Then cutting the round rod, forging the shape to match mould.Welding the round rods together, then polishing the welded point.Finally coloring it, the color can be customized.More details you want to know, please contact us.
Modern Mable Stone Sculpture with Natural Texture - Pico Art
This kind of stone sculpture, cannot copy the same texture and finish as they have unique natural texture.So we just refer to the same shape and similar kind of stone material.So if you collect this kind of stone sculpture, maybe it is the only one in this world.Do you like stone sculpture and its natural texture?
mixed sculpture fiberglass sculpture with transparent resin sculpture Pico Art
This kind of sculpture made of two different materials, included fiberglass bottom part and top transparent resin part.Actually we also make two different finish but take the same material.So which material you think is the right solution to catch this same finish?Please share your ideas or contact us for more information.
Intro to Metal Hollow Deer Sculpture Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Metal Hollow Deer Sculpture Pico Art,Our sculptures add luster to the urban landscape.It is kind of welding sculpture, and it is welded by many little stainless steel pattern.After welding process, we will deal with the weld points and make polished.If client need some beautiful color, then we will paint or spray coating or plating and so on.Each technology process will be much different, you can know more and know better from us.Sure we can custom size, color even the design, so please feel free to contact us and talk about your projects.Maybe we can give you some ideas as we got more than 18 years experience.
Intro to Customized Pico Art Brass Sculpture manufacturers From China Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Customized Pico Art Brass Sculpture manufacturers From China Pico Art,Metal sculpture is our strong point.Copper reliefs are divided into cast reliefs and forged reliefs in craftsmanship. The professional manufacturer Pico Art Sculpture uses modern craftsmanship to cast bronze reliefs. The concept is novel, unique in style, and the characters are vivid and vivid. The soft and smooth lines are very rich in texture. With many years of experience in production and production, Pico Art can provide users with a full range of customized services, from design concepts to conception and material selection, to processing and casting, as well as construction and installation. One-stop service has always been a good story in the copper carving industry. To be trusted by all walks of life.
Best Quality Customized Clera resin Fake moutain inside Factory
Pico Art Best Quality Customized Clera resin Fake moutain inside Factory,Metal sculpture is our strong point.It is made in clear resin material with transparent deep blue, the color is very nice. The most impressive thing is that fake moutains inside, it seems many moutains when you see through the block.It seems you can put this area into this just not big item, that is the art work. And that is the meaning of sculpture, as it can tell you its ideas very clearly.Sometimes you can put the sea or boat inside if you like.
Customized party flag outdoor stainlss steel sculpture from best Supplier & manufacturers | Pico Art
Customized service is one of our advantage, whatever you want, we will do our best to give you the right solution.We can appropriately change our conventional thinking and think from other perspectives, so that we can get different solutions. Sometimes we can use composite materials to achieve the ceramic effect if the ceramic can not be made due to the process problems. There are always more ways than difficulties. More than 20 years of experience can bring customers a better experience. Pico Ar,do art as you wish!
Custom Stainless Steel Water Wave Spray Coating Polished Finish Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Stainless Steel Water Wave Spray Coating Polished Finish Pico Art,We are the manufacture of sculptureThe bright surface effect of stainless steel, mixed with the original color of stainless steel and sprayed green, is like the reflection of the green mountains and green water in the distance, which is very artistic and full of the beauty of modern realism style and craftsmanship. Each of the above water ripples are beaten by hand. Only by tapping over and over again can such a curvature and shape be beaten on the hard stainless steel material, which fully demonstrates the exquisite skills of our workers.

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