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Sculpture: Also known as carving, it is the general term for the three creative methods of carving, carving and molding. Refers to the use of various plastic materials (such as plaster, resin, clay, etc.) or hard materials that can be carved and carved (such as wood, stone, metal, jade, agate, aluminum, glass steel, sandstone, copper, etc.) to create A visual and tangible artistic image with a certain space to reflect social life and express the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions, and aesthetic ideals. Carving and engraving reduce the engraving material, and the plastic material achieves the purpose of artistic creation by stacking plastic material.

PICO ART Transparent Clear Resin Woman Head Sculpture
It is made in transparent resin material, it looks like the crystal or glass.But it is more tough, and easier to make the shape.This design is the woman head, maybe she looks like the doctor who have surgery.How do you think?
For the Love of Art | Pico Art Sculptures | Sculptures Show Time | Custom Decorative Metal Sculpture, Wall Art Manufacturer & Supplier
Pico Art Best For the Love of Art | Pico Art Sculptures | Sculptures Show Time | Custom Decorative Metal Sculpture, Wall Art Manufacturer & Supplier Supplier,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.The sculptures we made for client's project, all from our standard designs. Many kinds of shape and finishing, and you can find stainless steel sculpture, or composite sculpture, and you also can find the abstract sculpture, or modern sculpture like guitar or torch. Customized design or size is welcomed, can you please share with your ideas?
Large Outdoor Abstract Stainless Steel Auto-Rotated Mirror Finish Sculpture 丨Pico Art
This kind of sculpture is for outdoors, so the stainless steel material is the good choice.With mirror polished finish, it will looks like the mirror and it looks beautiful if put under the sunshine.Another function, auto rotated. Even you are standing still, you can see the whole view of this sculpture.DO you like it?
Modern stainless steel blowing bubbles cute bear sculpture
It is a very cute bear which is blowing bubbles, all pieces made together the whole set.The material is stainless steel, with mirror finish.It is sitting posture, and stable. So it don't need other installation way.Do you like this kind of sculpture?
Intro to Fiberglass Dolphin Sculpture for Hanging Ceiling Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Fiberglass Dolphin Sculpture for Hanging Ceiling Pico Art,Sculpture is the focus of a space.This dolphin sculpture is displayed and arranged in a suspended ceiling, and has two different surface effects at the same time.One is matte gray on the back and the other is shiny silver. The color mixing process will be relatively cumbersome. It is necessary to avoid the mutual erosion of the effects of the two colors. Therefore, after making one color, it must be protected well before the next coloring can be carried out. This requires an experienced master to be able to do well. Control.
Best Pico Art Large Fiberglass Sculpture for Outdoors Decoration Supplier
Pico Art Best Pico Art Large Fiberglass Sculpture for Outdoors Decoration Supplier,WE DO CREATIVE ART.WE CREATE ART.Get a fascinating spread of fiberglass animal Sculptures that are durable, attractive, and light in weight. Install these in closed or open spaces and turn the same into a visual delight. Children can learn about the beauty of wildlife from these lifelike FRP animal statues that comprise of both herbivores and carnivores. 
Intro to Custom Pico Art Clear Resin Sculpture
Pico Art Intro to Custom Pico Art Clear Resin Sculpture Pico Art,ART AS YOU WISH,WE DO ART AS YOU WISH.We display transparent resin sculptures of different styles and shapes. In addition to our own conventional designs, we are more customized sculptures of our customers. We have a professional design team, as well as experienced and experienced technical workers, equipped with special quality inspection QC, to ensure sufficient assurance from design to shipment.You can send ue your own design or concepts, we can develop it and make it to be real item.
Pico Art Stainless Steel Large Outdoor Light Art Sculpture
Light art or luminism is a visual art form in which light is the main medium of expression. It is an art form in which either a sculpture produces light, or light is used to create a "sculpture" through the manipulation of light, colours, and shadows. Only by viewing this light sculpture from a distance can you get a full view of it. It is large sculpture based on outdoors.
Custom Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Dolphin Sculpture
The material is stainless steel 304, it is better for outdoor used.This dolphin sculpture with mirror finish, so it looks very smoonth and shiny if put it under the sunshine.For matching mirror finish, the main process is what we can see in this video: polishing. After many workers time and energy, they polished the surface and welded points time by time to make it looks it an mirror.But I think it is worthy as the dolphin looks very cute and beautiful.
Modern Transparent Resin Art Furniture with Fake Mountain Pedestal 丨 Pico Art Clear Resin Desk and Chairs
This is one set art furniture, made in clear resin material. It looks transparent, even can find the flowers clearly.The whole set included the desk and chairs, sure you could let us know how many chairs you will need.Would you like this kind of art furniture?Please contact us if you want to put them on your new house or office
Intro to Customized Large Wood Carving Sculpture Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Customized Large Wood Carving Sculpture Pico Art,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.Wood carving is a kind of sculpture, which is often called "folk crafts" in our country. Wood carving can be divided into three categories: three-dimensional round carving, root carving and relief carving. Woodcarving is a type of work separated from woodworking, which is classified as "fine woodworking" in our country's classification of work types. Varieties of folk art classified by carving materials.
464 Resin sculptures for sale | PICO ART
Resin is a kind of industrial material that should be very extensive. It is found in many fields, and there are many kinds of it, such as epoxy resin, natural resin and so on. Resin sculpture is a sculpture made of resin material. It is a sculpture named after the material classification, and the small pieces are generally called resin crafts.We create the original art works and could help our client to develop their ideas or concepts.

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