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Composite Sculpture

Composite Sculpture: Resin materials have been widely used after being developed and put on the market. Both in household building materials and household crafts, they occupy a certain market. And household resin crafts, as one of the popular crafts in recent years, mainly use resin as raw materials. , And then go through the surface paint coating or metal plating to produce crafts.

Wholesale white abstract resin sculpture decoration art sculpture
Resin is a kind of industrial material that should be very extensive. It is found in many fields, and there are many kinds of it, such as epoxy resin, natural resin and so on. Resin sculpture is a sculpture made of resin material. It is a sculpture named after the material classification, and the small pieces are generally called resin crafts.Although it is named after the material, there is also a craft behind its name, so I won't go into details here. Of course, like resin sculptures, the names of sculptures named after material categories include fiberglass sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, cement sculptures, wood sculptures, and so on. Although the materials are different, as the carrier of art, the sense of art has never been reduced, and they have all become popular sculptures.
Creative Composite Resin Fiberglass Stone Art Standing Sculpture
FRP sculpture simulation stoneIncrease the city's iconic FRP simulation stone sculpture model image as a landscape and ornamentalIn the garden, lake stones, axe-split stones, stalagmites, etc., which are simple and beautiful, both in shape and spirit, are often selected and placed in the main positions of the garden for viewing. with considerable interest. Often become a scene in the garden. As the main scenery, the stone is given a certain purpose and emotional color in the environment, which makes the stone have a unique artistic appeal and attracts people to watch. Modern gardens mainly refer to those first developed in industrialized countries and combined with modern urban structures and functions. Excellent urban garden. It is a balance or compensation for the consequences of the artificialization of human life style, a way of using urban land, and realizing the identity of creator and user.
Best Custom Fine Art Work and Composite Resin Sculpture with marble base Factory Price - Pico Art
Pico Art Best Custom Fine Art Work and Composite Resin Sculpture with marble base Factory Price - Pico Art,Sculpture is the focus of a space.Resin statues and sculptures come in various sizes and shapes, from primitive animal sculptures to towering statues. Choose the one that fits your yard, then take a step back and marvel at the changes in your outdoor space.Resin sculptures are statues or other three-dimensional works of art made of glass fiber resin. Resin is a fairly lightweight, durable material that can be painted and glazed to look like stone, porcelain, bronze or marbleThe most important feature of composite sculptures is that they can be disguised as most of the different materials. Because of high cost for other materials cost or it is more difficult to realize the concept, composite materials can well alleviate this part of the pressure. The project provides a sustainable direction. And because of the characteristics of composite materials, the shape will be more changeable and the surface effect will be better processed.
Best Pico Art Abstract Composite Torch With Gold Fire Art Sculpture FactoryPrice-Pico Art
1.About 60 cm height torch sculpture, the size can be customized.2.Gold painted fire on top and mirror finish for stand.3.Material is resin, made out of mold.4.Widely apply for clubs, five-star hotels, and villas and so on.Pico Art Best Pico Art Abstract Composite Torch With Gold Fire Art Sculpture FactoryPrice-Pico Art,Sculpture is the focus of a space.
Professional Pico Art Composite Vase With Chinese Phonix Or Dragon Pattern Manufacturers
These series of vases are including red Chinese phoenix pattern and blue Chinese dragon pattern.You cannot imagine it is made in composite material, just make it looks like the ceramic finish. It is a good solution to substitute ceramic material to reduce the cost. It is not simple vase, and it is all hand made work. Hand drawing phoenix or dragon on the vases. we can support customized design or size.

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