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Metal Wall Art

Metal hanging decorations are a wide range of wall decorations. They are made of a large number of metal materials such as stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, etc., which provide a great help to space layout and enhance the sense of space art. With the improvement of human material life, the pursuit of spiritual level is also constantly improving. The interior design is not only the placement and placement of furniture and electrical appliances, but also the pursuit of artistic taste. In addition to oil paintings, ornaments are more eye-catching. An art form.

Whether it is abstract or with special meaning patterns, metal ornaments can decorate blank walls with more color and flexibility. The installation of this kind of ornaments is generally simple and convenient. Punch holes and add mounting parts, and then hang the ornaments to complete. Of course, there are also those who are unwilling to damage the wall. Nail-free glue is recommended. It is recommended that the wall material must be relatively high-quality and resistant, otherwise the possibility of falling off will be higher.

Custom styles, or custom sizes, or custom colors, only you can't think of, nothing we can't achieve!

Stainless steel mirror finish wall art decoration with different texture - Pico Art
They are designed to be trendy. It is also good and functional, which is deeply favored by numerous customers.The material is stainless steel 304 and all are mirror polished finish.But the texture is much different. The first one is for mosaic, and second one is wave, the last one is ripple.Maybe you cannot image all the effect and texture is handmade work, it is from our experienced master, forged that time by time.So sometimes you will find the handmade trace, it is normal. That is the value of handmade work sculptures.Please share your ideas.
Customized Pico Art Metal Abstract Stainless Steel Round Electro Plating Gold Wall Art Decoration manufacturers From China
1.About 100 cm diameter abstract round stainless steel wall art, the size can be customized.2.Handmade abstract round mirror shape, the shape or design can be customized.3.Material is stainless steel #304.4.Widely apply for clubs, five-star hotels, and villas and so on.Pico Art Customized Pico Art Metal Abstract Stainless Steel Round Electro Plating Gold Wall Art Decoration manufacturers FromChina,Our sculptures add luster to the urban landscape.
Best Big Special Stainless Steel Round Concave Wall Art Supplier
Pico Art Best Big Special Stainless Steel Round Concave Wall Art Supplier,No matter whether it's a big or small project, we can handle it.This pendant imitates the characteristics of a chameleon and will show different colors when viewed from different angles. Mainly by using the refraction of light, it can be seen that a large number of hexagons are arranged on the ornaments, forming a concave mirror. When the light finds the top of the ornament, it will refract different colors at different angles, so when you look at it, you will see different colors.
Intro to Mirror Finish Electro Plating Gold Wall Art for Wall Decoration -- Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Mirror Finish Electro Plating Gold Wall Art for Wall Decoration Pico Art,We have 18 years experience of making sculpturesThis is a stainless steel electroplated mirror ornament, so what is electroplating?Some people call stainless steel vacuum ion plating called stainless steel electroplating, and some people call stainless steel water plating called stainless steel electroplating. Stainless steel vacuum ion plating is a method of forming a metal film on the plastic surface by heating it under high vacuum conditions to make it melt and evaporate, and cool it down. The stainless steel water plating is to attach a colored film to the surface of the material by electrolysis. Compared with the two, vacuum ion coating is more environmentally friendly, has a longer service life, and has a brighter color! In people's habitual conversations about electroplating technology, in electrochemical experiments, stainless steel is always described as a "difficult substrate", but in actual production, stainless steel electroplating is not difficult. For example, for copper plating and titanium plating on stainless steel, a very thin nickel layer must be pre-plated first, and any subsequent plating layer will be firm. Of course, the surface treatment before electroplating is very important, and this item is often not taken seriously by many electroplating workers. Electroplating is a technology that integrates multiple processes, and every link is sloppy. It is an important indicator of the final electroplating quality. In addition to the above, it is related to the ratio, liquid temperature, time, and post-treatment.
Intro to Spray coating green wall art decorative sculpture Pico Art
How to color the sculpture?There are many ways, such as painting, plating, spray coating, powder coating and so on.We will offer the right solution to our client based on the real products and detailed requirements.So please share more details if you want to custom your own art works.
Stainless steel spray coating dark red wall art decoration Custom sculpture | Pico Art
Spray coating is also called thermal spraying. The technology of spraying molten spraying materials to the surface of metal, alloy, plastic, ceramics and other workpieces with a power device to form a complete coating.The spraying material can be metal or nonmetal, which can be melted or softened by heat source, atomized or pushed by the power of heat source itself or compressed air flow to form spray particles, and sprayed to the substrate surface at a certain speed to form a coating.The heat sources used include gas burning flame, gas discharge heating, electric heating and laser.After spraying, the workpiece can improve its corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, increase its thickness or repair size, etc
Professional stainless steel wall art decoration with mirror finish manufacturers
This kind of wall art decoration looks very good and you can find the special Irregular shapes.The material is stainless steel 304, sure the better material is stainless steel 316. If for special enviroment, like the space close to beach.But normally stainless steel 304 is enough. You can advise the location, then our team will suggest the right solution to match your expection.The finish is mirror polished finish, the original stainless steel color and the gold one is electroplating.If you need our assistance for your projects, please let us know.
Show you the process technology of customized stainless steel wall art
For customized stainless steel wall art decoration, we need to make rough drawings before production if client cannot provide the clear reference image.But as all handmade work for this kind of art work, please allow size deviation.From welding to polishing, we try to perfect each details for our product.Finally coloring the wall art to match client's expection.
Professional Stainless steel abstract large wall art decoration manufacturers
It is some kind of abstract large wall art decoration.All the pattern and texture on this wall art was handmade by our experienced master, forged that time by time.Maybe you cannot imagine that or it seems simple work.But it is harder than you think. It will give you reverse vibration when you forge that each time.It means you need to withstand more than thousands of vibrations...
Best Modern Painting/Eletro plating Metal Wall Art Decoration for Luxury Hotel Factory Price - Pico Art
Pico Art Best Modern Painting/Eletro plating Metal Wall Art Decoration for Luxury Hotel Factory Price - Pico Art,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.Modern ornaments have made up for the lack of high-end design interior decoration in a great sense, especially the decoration needs of five-star and above hotels. Because the large interior design of hotels or villas involves too much space, the vacancy or blankness of the wall will give people a sense of lack and make guests feel less experienced. Considering this situation, many designers have fully studied the audience and found that the demand for this piece is very large, so this industry has gradually driven up.In addition to artistic ornaments such as oil paintings, metal ornaments have gradually stepped into the designer's design concept, and the characteristics of metal also make the ornaments feel more intense.
Intro to Stainless steel Irregular Mirror polished finish Wall Art Decoration Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Stainless steel Irregular Mirror polished finish Wall Art Decoration Pico Art,Sculpture is the focus of a space.It seems that these ornaments are very irregular, with a very large curvature. Have you ever thought about how it is made into this shape?In fact, it’s very simple to say, that is, first make a foam mold, and then divide it into plates of different sizes, then cut the stainless steel plate into corresponding small pieces, and then use a hammer to continuously beat and forge the corresponding shape, and then beat everything The finished shapes are welded together and polished.But in fact, it is very particular about the experience and skills of the workers, and the intensity of the beating has a great impact on the product shape, not to mention knowing how to use power or you will be exhausted by beating for a day.
Modern Stainless Steel Wall Art with Wave Effect
Pico Art Professional Modern Stainless Steel Wall Art with Wave Effect manufacturers,Our sculptures add luster to the urban landscape.This stainless steel corrugated ornament is very ornamental and artistic, because the corrugated effect on it is all hand-made, repeated and repeated. Each small piece needs to be continuously tapped for a long time to create this effect.Afterwards, if you want a mirror gloss effect, you need to polish it, if you need to paint, you need to spray paint or electroplating. For colored stainless steel ornaments, the electroplated color will be more textured.

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