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China Stainless Steel Sculpture with Mirror Finish Tabletop Decoration manufacturers - Pico Art

China Stainless Steel Sculpture with Mirror Finish Tabletop Decoration manufacturers - Pico Art

Pico Art China Stainless Steel Sculpture with Mirror Finish Tabletop Decoration manufacturers - Pico Art,WE DO CREATIVE ART.WE CREATE ART.

Stainless steel sculpture

1. The stainless steel material is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, and acid, alkali, salt and other chemically corrosive media. Because stainless steel sculptures have many advantages, many urban sculptures use stainless steel as the material. .

2. Stainless steel sculptures are easier to maintain. The stainless steel sculpture material is strong. At present, the main material of stainless steel sculpture is: 201# stainless steel 304# stainless steel 316# stainless steel, and 304# stainless steel is more commonly used at present. These materials are relatively strong.

3. The installation of stainless steel sculptures is firm. The installation of stainless steel sculptures is generally welded, which is relatively firm, that is, the skeleton of the sculpture itself is welded with the embedded iron on the base, and the steel bars are welded under the embedded iron. The length of the steel bars and the embedded iron are determined according to the size of the sculpture. the size of.



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The product has good seaming quality. Its weak jointing parts have all been reinforced with seaming and stitching to make sure the threads will not fall apart.


1.Can you send me big images before I place a order?
Yes, we will send you clear images to let you know more details about it. We will show you the video if it is in stock.
2.How do you control the quality
We have QC department and the supervisor with 18 years experience.
3.How about the shipment methods:
As your requirement, normally samples by international express, or by air. Bulk order will be by sea. Also you can arrange your shipper to pick up in our warehouse.


1.Metal sculpture is our strong point.
2.We have 18 years experience of making sculptures
4.We are the manufacture of sculpture

About Pico Art

Pico Art Co., ltd was established in 2004. We are professional manufacturer and agent dealing with oil painting and sculpture. As everyone knows Painting & sculpture belong to the same family. Our oil paintings are 100% hand-made created by talented artists graduated from famous art schools. In the sculpture design and manufacturing, we integrate different cultures & fashion elements into art by using abundant materials such as resin, fiberglass, stainless steel, iron, copper etc. We do not only create the original works, but also do as customized requirements. Over the past 18 years, we have been successfully working with our regular customers from over 100 countries such as Holland, USA, Italy, France, Belgium, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Russia and Dubai etc. We’re quite confident and experienced in quality control as per customer’s requirements. Our mission is “DO ART AS YOU WISH” to provide our customer with the finest artwork and best service at the most competitive prices. Our works have been widely used in Five-star hotels, Villas, private Clubs, property, public garden and outdoor landscape Let's work hand in hand for your market!

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