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Stainless Steel Sculpture on Polishing Process

Stainless Steel Sculpture on Polishing Process

1. Features of mirror stainless steel sculpture

   Mirror stainless steel is one of the stainless steel products formed by polishing the surface of the material. It has various appearances and metallic luster. Like other members of the stainless steel family, it has corrosion resistance, no rust, high toughness, and easy

The installation is fixed and reliable.

  2, the advantages of mirror stainless steel sculpture

   Mirror stainless steel can make high-level visual effects at low cost. In recent years, in the landscape design of sculpture companies, it is often used to design sculptures, structures, etc.

  The mirror surface of the stainless steel sculpture can form a reflection, projecting the surrounding scenery through the mirror image, reflecting the real content in the form of void. In landscape design, you can enlarge the space and improve the design by adding mirror stainless steel design.

Form a sense of science and technology, a sense of the future.

3. Disadvantages of mirror stainless steel sculpture

  If improperly used, it will also cause light pollution, easy to scratch, and affect the appearance. It needs to strengthen the post-maintenance. Of course, mirror stainless steel should not be used too much. It will bring tension to people and cause a sense of space experience.

   Mirror stainless steel sculpture has advantages and disadvantages. In the process of using, there are many precautions. In the next article, the editor will tell you how to maintain mirror stainless steel sculpture. Remember to come



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Depends on actual design, normally it is 5 pieces for our standard designs. If it is customized design or it is big item, the quantity can be less, even one piece.
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We enclose the picture of packaging for your reference.  Inner package with foam/bubble/blanket;


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