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Pico Art customized 2 meters metal wire mesh football players hanging decoration for Nike store

Pico Art customized 2 meters metal wire mesh football players hanging decoration for Nike store

The football player sculpture is made of honeycomb shape metal wire mesh.

First of all, we received conceptual drawings and related requirements from customers, such as shape, size, color effect, etc. The pico team conducts discussions based on customer requirements and suggests a complete plan of suitable materials, processes, and installations. Colleagues in the price checking department also calculate the price.

After the customer determined the plan, the production department began to arrange the production of the order.

First, arrange the engraving mold, and make the craft and color samples at the same time.

After the artist has carved the mold, the relevant colleagues are responsible for taking multi-angle photos and videos and sending them to customers; the craftsmanship and color samples are confirmed at the same time. After receiving the approval, arrange workers to start making sculptures.

The raw materials are cut according to the number of pieces marked by the mold, and each piece of cut material must be forged according to the confirmed mold shape to fit the curvature of the sculpture, and then welded into the entire product and polished the solder joints.

Finally, make the effect according to the color confirmed by the customer and take photos and videos for the final confirmation.

After receiving the approval, pack them in wooden racks or wooden boxes and arrange delivery.

Such a complete order is completed.

Every process in the production process will take photos and videos to share with customers, so that customers can truly feel that we are working together.



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