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Intro to Modern Leather Painting Wall Art Decoration Pico Art

Intro to Modern Leather Painting Wall Art Decoration Pico Art

Leather carving, also known as "soft relief", can be traced back to the period when nomads lived by water and grass. 

The original leather painting was mainly made of animal leather, which was carved, ironed and painted. 

Sheepskin maps and simple decorative paintings were the most common. 

It is different from traditional wood carving paintings. 

Because of the characteristics of cowhide itself, the flowers, leaves, feathers, trees, etc. 

Carved in the paintings are no longer rigid, rigid, and immobile in paintings such as wood carvings, jade carvings, and stone carvings. 

It is soft, moving, and alive. It is more incisive and vivid to express the bits and pieces in the painting closer to nature!



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The product is widely used in public areas like housing, education&research institutions, hospitals, hotels restaurants, and cinema halls.


1.Can you offer 3D service ?
Yes, we can . we can offer 3D design  or 3D printing  model.
2.I would like to know the packaging of sculptures.
We enclose the picture of packaging for your reference.  Inner package with foam/bubble/blanket;
3.Can you make a sculpture with a concept?
Yes, we can work with you together even start with a concept.


1.Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.
2.Sculpture is the focus of a space.
3.We have 18 years experience of making sculptures
4.Our sculptures add luster to the urban landscape.

About Pico Art

Pico Art Co., ltd was established in 2003. We are professional manufacturer and agent dealing with oil painting and sculpture. As everyone knows Painting & sculpture belong to the same family. Our oil paintings are 100% hand-made created by talented artists graduated from famous art schools. In the sculpture design and manufacturing, we integrate different cultures & fashion elements into art by using abundant materials such as resin, fiberglass, stainless steel, iron, copper etc. We do not only create the original works, but also do as customized requirements. Over the past 18 years, we have been successfully working with our regular customers from over 100 countries such as Holland, USA, Italy, France, Belgium, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Russia and Dubai etc. We’re quite confident and experienced in quality control as per customer’s requirements. Our mission is “DO ART AS YOU WISH” to provide our customer with the finest artwork and best service at the most competitive prices. Our works have been widely used in Five-star hotels, Villas, private Clubs, property, public garden and outdoor landscape Let's work hand in hand for your market!

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