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Best Pico Art Stainless Steel Metal Geometrical Animal Sculpture Supplier

Best Pico Art Stainless Steel Metal Geometrical Animal Sculpture Supplier

With the emergence of stainless steel materials in recent years, stainless steel not only occupies a very important position in the modern economy but also in the future economic development. Because stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, it has gradually become the preferred choice for many sculpture materials. Moreover, the stainless steel sculpture not only has a simple and beautiful appearance, but also has the advantages that other bronze sculptures do not have. Nowadays, as a risi

Pico Art Best Pico Art Stainless Steel Metal Geometrical Animal Sculpture Supplier,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.

ng star, stainless steel sculpture has become a sculpture craft that can be seen everywhere in every city and every scenic spot.



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1.Can you send me big images before I place a order?
Yes, we will send you clear images to let you know more details about it. We will show you the video if it is in stock.
2.Can I order custom sculpture?
It is welcomed and it is our one of advantage. Most of our products is customized and we offer them to many famous five stars hotels.
3.Does Pico Have MOQ?
Depends on actual design, normally it is 5 pieces for our standard designs. If it is customized design or it is big item, the quantity can be less, even one piece.


1.Metal sculpture combines the hard and soft
2.Metal sculpture is our strong point.
3.We make the creation of sculpture easy.
4.We are the manufactuers of sculpture

About Pico Art

We are a professional manufacturer of art works and an art agent, mainly dealing with oil paintings and sculptures. Our oil paintings are 100% handmade and are created by talented artists graduated from famous art schools. During the design and manufacturing of the sculptures, we integrate different cultures and fashion elements into art by using a variety of materials such as stainless steel, iron, copper, composite, and fiberglass etc. Our mission is “Do art as you wish “

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