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Since this product operates in low voltages, it tends to be cooler to the touch than the traditional lighting. So users don't have to worry about safety issues caused by the accumulated heat. .
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  • Best Modern Luxury Hotel Art Work Acrylics Painting Company - Pico Art
    Best Modern Luxury Hotel Art Work Acrylics Painting Company - Pico Art
    Pico Art Best Modern Luxury Hotel Art Work Acrylics Painting Company - Pico Art,Sculpture is the focus of a space.When we talk about color has become expressive, it has formed its own color system. Since the Renaissance, painters such as Michelangelo and Raphael have used sketches to shape objects, and then cover them with some inherent colors. From the romantic painter Delacroix to the impressionist painters, they have created a new way of color.Neo-Impressionist painters turned the color gamut into color points. They believe that the blended pigments will destroy the power of colors. These pure color ideas can only be blended in the eyes of the viewer. Starting from the impressionist concept, Cezanne brought the development of color forms to a logical stage. His task is to make Impressionism something "substantial". His works are created based on the principles of shape and coloring. In addition to the rhythm and shape, he also abandons the pointillism in color. The color separation technique re-uses the internally adjusted continuous color gamut. In this regard, changing a color means changing its relationship between warm and cold, light and dark, or blur, so that the adjustment and conversion of the color gamut of the entire picture achieves a new vivid harmony. In Cezanne's still life paintings, this new harmony and harmony is extremely obvious. He hopes to shape natural objects to a higher level. In order to do better, he used a warm and cold contrast with subtle musical effects.
  • Modern Abstract Stainless Steel Art Sculpture for Outdoors Products | Pico Art
    Modern Abstract Stainless Steel Art Sculpture for Outdoors Products | Pico Art
    The aesthetic value of outdoor stainless steel sculptureStainless steel sculpture is a common type of modern sculpture with various styles. Therefore, many places in the city will choose stainless steel sculpture as the theme sculpture.In modern decoration engineering, the application of stainless steel is more and more extensive. Stainless steel is steel that is not easy to rust. It has strong corrosion resistance and high surface gloss, and is one of the important materials in modern sculpture.Stainless steel finish treatments are as follows:1. Glossy or stainless steel mirror; 2. Fog panel; 3. Silk panel; 4. Corrosion engraving panel; 5. Concave-convex panel;The interior design, outdoor space design and even urban design of modern construction are particularly vibrant due to the inclusion of stainless steel sculptures. What are the advantages of stainless steel sculpture?1. Due to the advantages of light material, convenient production, and structural safety, stainless steel sculpture can more flexibly adapt to indoor and outdoor spaces of different sizes and scales. Dexterity, lightness, transparency and changeability are potential advantages that can be fully utilized in the production of steel sculpture art.2. Through the movement, rotation, and wiggling of points, lines, and surfaces, extremely abstract dynamics and postures can be created. Abstract artistic language is the preferred application and expression of designers and artists, and the creation of stainless steel sculptures provides the greatest possibility for this.3. In the display of new materials, new technologies, new processes, etc., modern stainless steel sculptures have the aesthetic meaning of "scientific and technological beauty", the light weight and high strength of materials, corrosion resistance, luster and structural safety, etc., are quite knowledgeable, exquisite.4. In the big family of sculptures, steel sculptures are not only unpredictable in terms of momentum and posture, but also colorful and eclectic in terms of surface coloration, which all change with the surrounding environment.
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