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Scientific in design, reasonable in space, provides a refreshing and comfortable living environment to meet the housing needs of people..
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  • Intro to Best Quality Pico Art Metal Production Department Factory Pico Art
    Intro to Best Quality Pico Art Metal Production Department Factory Pico Art
    Pico Art Best Quality Pico Art Metal Production Department Factory,Metal sculpture combines the hard and softWe are a professional manufacturer of art works and an art agent, mainly dealing with oil paintings and sculptures. Our oil paintings are 100% handmade and are created by talented artists graduated from famous art schools. During the design and manufacturing of the sculptures, we integrate different cultures and fashion elements into art by using a variety of materials such as stainless steel, iron, copper, composite,  fiberglass and wood etc.We do not only create original works, but also customize as required. Our team does our best to understand the requirements of our clients and offer the best solutions for their artwork. We always do our best to find a way to accomplish our clients’ wishes and deliver projects to their satisfactions.Over the past 18 years, we have been successfully working with our regular customers from over 100 countries such as Holland, USA, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, and UAE, etc. We are experienced in quality control as per customer’s requirements. Our works have been widely used in Five-star hotels, Villas, private Clubs, property, public garden and outdoor landscape
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