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Customized White and Blue Stars Physical Wall Art Painting
Pico Art Customized White and Blue Stars Physical Wall Art Painting manufacturers From China,Metal sculpture combines the hard and softThis physical painting does have two meanings. One is a painting of a real object; the other is a visual picture composed of real object images, which mostly appear in scene paintings or scene paintings. In addition, there are some pictures collaged with real objects.This is a physical painting constructed from physical stars and abstract objects. The structure is concise, but it will bring different feelings or different experiences to the audience.
Wholesale Physical Painting for Art Wall Decoration with good price - Pico Art
Pico Art Wholesale Physical Painting for Art Wall Decoration with good price - Pico Art,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.1. Physical paintings are different from common flat paintings such as oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, Chinese ink paintings and printed paintings. It can be simply understood that it is a real object (such as rattan, dried flowers, stones, porcelain, wood chips, iron wire, leaves, feathers, etc.) on the drawing board (some of which will be covered with oil canvas again) through collage, inlay, and glue. A decorative painting with a strong three-dimensional effect produced by the operation2. It is also different from other common handicrafts, such as handmade bicycles, artificial landscape butterflies, creative porcelain, metal animal dolls, etc. and other irregular three-dimensional decorations; physical paintings generally have back panels or picture frames, etc. In order to rely on, there are regular shapes of the base, such as round, square, rectangular and other shapes3. In production, it is different from common handicraft machines or mass production. The physical paintings are basically made by hand (at least the main part is made by hand), so there will be a thousand pictures and a thousand images. Due to the difference of hand-made, it avoids the same embarrassment of the same kind. Give you a different sense4. Finally, from the price point of view, because it is purely handmade and there are physical objects, the overall price of physical paintings will be higher than printed paintings, other handicrafts produced in batches in conventional factories, etc.

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