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This product has the required safety. We have assessed and eliminate potential hazards by using the principles detailed in EN ISO 12100:2010. .
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  • Outdoor Metal Wire Mesh Crescent Moon Sculpture
    Outdoor Metal Wire Mesh Crescent Moon Sculpture
    Pico Art Best Outdoor Metal Wire Mesh Crescent Moon Sculpture Supplier,We have 18 years experience of making sculpturesThis outdoor crescent metal mesh sculpture has a relatively simple structure but profound meaning. You can think of it as a simple crescent shape, representing a sense of incompleteness. You can also think of it as the moon falling into the world, why it came and why it went.In fact, the meaning of each sculpture can only be better understood and analyzed by the creator, while the spectator’s thoughts are only subjective viewpoints. As the saying goes, there are a thousand Hamlet for one thousand people. It is because of differences that make the world's culture more diverse!
  • Best Modern Large Landscape Outdoor Sculpture Supplier
    Best Modern Large Landscape Outdoor Sculpture Supplier
    Pico Art Best Modern Large Landscape Outdoor Sculpture Supplier,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.A successful large-scale sculpture can perfectly coordinate the spatial scale and make full use of the light of the surrounding environment. Large-scale sculptures are also the embodiment of the designer's personal keen sense of space, high-level materials and structural language grasping ability. At the same time, successful large-scale sculptures will not give people a sense of blockage or oppression due to the relatively close spatial scale, and they must have as much density and volume as possible from a distance.Sculpture refers to ornaments and memorials that are carved to beautify the city or used for commemorative significance, and have a certain meaning, symbol or pictogram. Sculpture is a type of plastic art. Also known as carving, it is the general term for the three creative methods of carving, engraving and moulding.
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