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This product helps to reduce labor costs. Its high efficiency and versatility enable manufacturers to select fewer talents. .
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Modern Transparent Resin Art Furniture with Fake Mountain Pedestal 丨 Pico Art Clear Resin Desk and Chairs
This is one set art furniture, made in clear resin material. It looks transparent, even can find the flowers clearly.The whole set included the desk and chairs, sure you could let us know how many chairs you will need.Would you like this kind of art furniture?Please contact us if you want to put them on your new house or office
Modern transparent resin art furniture decorative art work
Art furniture is the processing and sublimation of ordinary furniture.The artistic conception and the extraordinary techniques of producers are popular artworks that have ornamental, collectible and practicality. It is tasteShow, symbol of status, pursuit of spiritual civilization.
Abstract Clear Resin Sculpture art furniture Products | Pico Art
Features and uses of transparent resin:1. The product has the characteristics of good mechanical properties, good transparency and gloss, small shrinkage rate, etc. It is suitable for making transparent handicrafts, resin toilet seats and other casting products that require high transparency.2. Its transparency is crystal clear3. Easy to operate, insect specimens, dried flowers, shells, pictures, handicrafts can be placed in the middle of the product4. Appropriate color essence can be added to the resin to imitate glass, imitate jade, add agate powder, imitate white marble5. Its biggest advantage is that it has good rigidity and is not easy to break. It is suitable for the production of crystal table lamps, candlesticks, crystal luminous characters, crystal handicrafts, crystal gifts, crystal trophies, crystal pen holders, crystal interior carvings, crystal car model building models, crystal perfume bottles, crystal Ashtrays, crystal vases, hotel supplies, crystal stationery business card stands, crystal balls, crystal keychains, crystal animals, flowers and other transparent boutiques.
Best Creative Clear Resin Furniture crystal amber table resin chair Supplier
The fusion of transparent resin crafts with lacquer art and stained glass has a unique charm from the end. The exquisite curves and the sharp edges and corners of the lines, the classic charm. The pure texture, the flickering candlelight in the dark, the faint fragrance, the blend of retro and modern, reflecting the wonderful light and shadow, releasing the blurred color. In the warmth The atmosphere silently conveys the warmth of galloping horses, elegant swans, and vigorous little elephants. The sharp antelopes are lifelike, aura and vigorous, how can you imagine that the overall structure is only designed by simple tree expansion materials , Modeling, design, carving, and then using lacquer art to add to the old, the outside is pasted with gold or silver foil. The original ordinary tree tendons are also practical works of art. Losing the elegant and retro charm, the air is fresh and transparent, crystal clear and rich.
High Quality Creative Furniture Art Table Wholesale - Pico Art Co., ltd.
Pico Art High Quality Creative Furniture Art Table Wholesale - Pico Art Co., ltd.,Our sculptures add luster to the urban landscape.It is made with mixed material, the clear resin and metal stand.It looks like a river gurgling through the mountains, the kind of continuous feeling, symbolizing endless life.The surface has a smooth effect and is protected against fingerprints, which can effectively prevent the traces from sticking to the touch.In addition to artistic design, we are also constantly pursuing quality and improvement in craftsmanship, hoping to bring customers a better experience.
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Pico Art Best Stainless Steel Vases with Art Furniture manufacturers Company - Pico Art,Metal sculpture is our strong point.Modern art furniture combines the characteristics of modern sculpture and popular furniture. It not only has the artistic and ornamental characteristics of sculpture, but also contains the practicality and interactivity of furniture.It is no longer not only a decorative function, but also takes into account the function of allowing visitors to rest.I think this is a very popular sustainable development direction of modern art, and we will continue to innovate and innovate.

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