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takes steel structure as the skeleton and high-quality steel as the enclosing material. It not only has good wind and earthquake resistance, but also has the advantages of heat insulation and water resistance. It can bring people a comfortable living environment..
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  • Earth or Globe? How much do you know about the Earth?
    Earth or Globe? How much do you know about the Earth?
    A globe, a model of the earth. The globe is to facilitate the understanding of the earth. People imitated the shape of the earth and reduced it according to a certain proportion to make a model of the earth - the globe. There are deformations of length, area, direction and shape on the globe, so the relationship between various scenes observed from the globe is overall and approximately correct.
  • Best Metal Earth with Gold World Map Supplier
    Best Metal Earth with Gold World Map Supplier
    Pico Art Best Metal Earth with Gold World Map Supplier,Metal sculpture is our strong point.The World Earth Day (The World Earth Day) is April 22 each year. It is a festival set up specifically for world environmental protection. It aims to raise public awareness of existing environmental issues and mobilize people to participate in environmental protection campaigns. Improve the overall environment of the earth through a green and low-carbon life. Earth Day was initiated by Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes in 1970. Today, Earth Day celebrations have expanded to 192 countries around the world, with more than 1 billion people participating each year, making it the world's largest folk environmental protection festival.And this metal earth is designed to commemorate this festival, let us keep in mind the responsibility and obligation of protecting the earth.
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