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The exhibition hall of Bicco Art exhibits distinctive shapes and different image styles. It is also the type of our sculptures, such as abstract, animal-themed, creative image representatives, etc. It also shows the different materials of our sculptures, such as Iron art, stainless steel, copper, composite, transparent resin, etc. also show the inclusiveness of our various shapes. There are large sculptures, small ornaments, hanging decorations, and hanging paintings, and everything.These artworks are essential products for environmental decoration, which greatly enhance the interior decoration.
Take You Go Around Pico Art Show Room -- turn even the simplest concept into an eye-catching reality.
Take You Go Around Pico Art Show Room,We have 18 years experience of making sculpturesDo you know how much about Pico Art? Please follow us to show your around our exhibition and let you know what we can make and what we are good at. With more than 18 years exprience in art works filed, we know better about what client need and we will offer the best solution base on client's requirments. We are good at turning even the simplest concepts into the eye-catching reality.Not only the standard metal material, the iron, stainless steel, brass, but also we will take clear resin, composite, wood, stone or ceramic and so on. We will focus on skills, but not only at the material. We can take different material but make it in the same finish. Why we would do that? As client need the replacement solutions.
Best Clear Resin Art Standing Sculpture Show Room Modern Abstract Crystal Statues
Transparent resin refers to a transparent resin.The mold making process of the transparent resin process usually uses silicone rubber to make the mold.The glass resin process is the earliest and most common molding method used in the production of resin matrix composites. The hand lay-up process is based on a resin mixture with a curing agent as a matrix, glass fiber and its fabric as a reinforcing material, and is manually laid on a mold coated with a release agent to bond the two together. A process method for manufacturing glass fiber reinforced plastic products. The matrix resin is usually unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin, and the reinforcing material is usually alkali-free or medium-alkali glass fiber and its fabric. In the hand lay-up process, less mechanical equipment is used, and it is suitable for the production of multi-variety and small-batch products, and is not limited by the type and shape of the products.The production process of unsaturated polyester transparent resin imitating crystal is mainly made of completely transparent crystal resin, which is formed by one-time infusion. To produce this product, raw materials are the key. First of all, it is necessary to choose a good transparent resin and colorless cobalt accelerator and curing agent. This is a necessary prerequisite for making resin imitation crystal crafts.

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