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You’re in the right place for metal wall art.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Pico Art.we guarantee that it’s here on Pico Art.
This product is not easy to get a puncture. The hard wearing material can guarantee its toughness and wearing resistance. .
We aim to provide the highest quality metal wall art.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Intro to Mirror Finish Electro Plating Gold Wall Art for Wall Decoration -- Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Mirror Finish Electro Plating Gold Wall Art for Wall Decoration Pico Art,We have 18 years experience of making sculpturesThis is a stainless steel electroplated mirror ornament, so what is electroplating?Some people call stainless steel vacuum ion plating called stainless steel electroplating, and some people call stainless steel water plating called stainless steel electroplating. Stainless steel vacuum ion plating is a method of forming a metal film on the plastic surface by heating it under high vacuum conditions to make it melt and evaporate, and cool it down. The stainless steel water plating is to attach a colored film to the surface of the material by electrolysis. Compared with the two, vacuum ion coating is more environmentally friendly, has a longer service life, and has a brighter color! In people's habitual conversations about electroplating technology, in electrochemical experiments, stainless steel is always described as a "difficult substrate", but in actual production, stainless steel electroplating is not difficult. For example, for copper plating and titanium plating on stainless steel, a very thin nickel layer must be pre-plated first, and any subsequent plating layer will be firm. Of course, the surface treatment before electroplating is very important, and this item is often not taken seriously by many electroplating workers. Electroplating is a technology that integrates multiple processes, and every link is sloppy. It is an important indicator of the final electroplating quality. In addition to the above, it is related to the ratio, liquid temperature, time, and post-treatment.
Best Customized Spraying Coating Green Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Wall Art Supplier
Pico Art Best Customized Spraying Coating Green Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Wall Art Supplier,Metal sculpture combines the hard and softSpraying (spraying), thermal plastic spray coating. It is a technique of manufacturing a car in the state of an automobile by spraying a power device onto the surface of materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, etc., with a whole layer of coating technology.The materials are all heat sources of metal or non-metal, using their own power or external compressed hot air flow to atomize or explode the molten droplets into a sprayed particle beam, which is sprayed onto the surface of the substrate at a certain speed to form a layer.The heat sources used are gas combustion fire filling, gas jet heat, electric heating and laser.Man-made processing can improve its sensitivity, heat resistance and wear resistance, increase its thickness or repair size, etc.

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