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Spray plating, also known as thermal spraying. The technology of using molten spraying material to spray the surface of metal, alloy, plastic, ceramics and other workpieces with a power device to form a complete covering layer.The spray material can be metal or non-metal, which is melted or softened by a heat source, and the droplets are atomized or pushed into a spray beam by the heat source's own power or an external compressed air flow, which is sprayed onto the surface of the substrate at a certain speed to form a coating. Floor.The heat sources used are gas burning fire stuffing, gas discharge heat, electric heat and laser.After the workpiece is sprayed, it can improve its corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, increase its thickness or repair size, etc.
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Spraying is a coating method that is dispersed into uniform and fine droplets by means of pressure or centrifugal force through a spray gun or disc atomizer and applied to the surface of the object to be coated. It can be divided into air spraying, airless spraying, electrostatic spraying and various derivatives of the above-mentioned basic spraying forms, such as high-flow and low-pressure atomizing spraying, thermal spraying, automatic spraying, multi-group spraying, etc.At present, there are four main types: arc spraying, flame spraying, plasma spraying and explosive spraying. Using spraying technology, coatings with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, electrical conductivity, insulation, sealing, lubrication and other special mechanical physical and chemical properties can be obtained on various substrates. The application range is very wide, involving all sectors of the national economy and various fields including cutting-edge technology.
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Pico Art High Quality Modern Spray Coating Creative Furniture Wholesale - Pico Art Co., ltd.,Sculpture is the focus of a space.This kind of creative furniture is sprayed out, with bright color and brilliance. Whether it is from the perspective of the design of furnishings and placement, or from the actual use of the application function, it is an excellent experience for guests and hosts. It not only satisfies the visual impact and touch, but also can experience the silky feeling of touch.Do you like this kind of creative furniture?

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