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This product feature delicate workmanship. Its paint is finely done with automatic painting machine, and its parquets are all hand-made with good details. .
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Abstract Clear Resin Sculpture with 3D Tubes Pattern Customized Art Base Supplier & manufacturers | Pico Art
It has the lowest moisture vapor transmission coefficient among transparent resins, and is very suitable for moisture-proof containers and ptp films, etc. Compared with pe and pp, it has higher barrier properties. Transparency is maintained even in high temperature environments.This is 3d tube pattern, can be customized the pattern as your requirement.If put the similar kind of blue sculpture on this base, it will be reflected each other, they can have a good foil for each other and highlight the beauty of the sculpture.
Best Clear Resin Art Standing Sculpture Show Room Modern Abstract Crystal Statues
Transparent resin refers to a transparent resin.The mold making process of the transparent resin process usually uses silicone rubber to make the mold.The glass resin process is the earliest and most common molding method used in the production of resin matrix composites. The hand lay-up process is based on a resin mixture with a curing agent as a matrix, glass fiber and its fabric as a reinforcing material, and is manually laid on a mold coated with a release agent to bond the two together. A process method for manufacturing glass fiber reinforced plastic products. The matrix resin is usually unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin, and the reinforcing material is usually alkali-free or medium-alkali glass fiber and its fabric. In the hand lay-up process, less mechanical equipment is used, and it is suitable for the production of multi-variety and small-batch products, and is not limited by the type and shape of the products.The production process of unsaturated polyester transparent resin imitating crystal is mainly made of completely transparent crystal resin, which is formed by one-time infusion. To produce this product, raw materials are the key. First of all, it is necessary to choose a good transparent resin and colorless cobalt accelerator and curing agent. This is a necessary prerequisite for making resin imitation crystal crafts.

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