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stainles steel sculpture

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The product is built to last. Its quick bounce-back materials are able to keep their original shape after intensive use and bending. .
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customized rhombus triangle mirror finish stainlee steel wall art
This stainless steel art wall decoration made with many triangle pieces, and with mirror finish.  You will find different effect when you stand on different location from different angles. Customized design, customized size, customized color or finish are allowed.
Professional Pico Art Modern Abstract Carton Dull Stainless Steel Sculpture
Features of stainless steel mirror sculptureStainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless acid-resistant steel. Its main feature is that it can resist atmospheric corrosion, and has good formability, compatibility and toughness. It is widely used in industry, construction, daily necessities and decoration industries. It is characterized by a brightness close to the mirror surface, a tough touch, which is in line with the aesthetics of the environment of the times, and is used by stainless steel sculpture manufacturers as a new material in sculpture creation. Stainless steel materials have different labels in China according to their different anti-oxidation properties. Generally, the models suitable for sculpture creation are around 304 and 316. Stainless steel materials are generally plates, and there are specifications and models of various thicknesses. The sculpture processing forms of the plate are mainly forging process and welding. The plate surface is forged in blocks by external force, and the corresponding shape is shaped, and then multiple plate surfaces are welded and formed, and then polished and polished to complete the mirror stainless steel sculpture.

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