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  • Wholesale white abstract resin sculpture decoration art sculpture
    Wholesale white abstract resin sculpture decoration art sculpture
    Resin is a kind of industrial material that should be very extensive. It is found in many fields, and there are many kinds of it, such as epoxy resin, natural resin and so on. Resin sculpture is a sculpture made of resin material. It is a sculpture named after the material classification, and the small pieces are generally called resin crafts.Although it is named after the material, there is also a craft behind its name, so I won't go into details here. Of course, like resin sculptures, the names of sculptures named after material categories include fiberglass sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, cement sculptures, wood sculptures, and so on. Although the materials are different, as the carrier of art, the sense of art has never been reduced, and they have all become popular sculptures.
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