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China Pico Art Stainless Steel Brushed Cycling Linkage Sculpture manufacturers
Dynamic sculptures are works of art which mix beauty with physical motion so that the end result is visually stunning. ... painting and physics, sculpture and electronics.Linkage sculpture means that you can run part of them and make movement of the whole sculpture. They will keep the same activity as you did. It is not just the decoration, but also give the function. 
Modern Abstract Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculpture Above Fountain
Modern Abstract Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculpture Above FountainThe material is stainless steel, it is better for put on outdoors.It looks good above fountain as it is with the mirror finish.Would you like it? Please share your ideas.
Large Outdoor Abstract Stainless Steel Auto-Rotated Mirror Finish Sculpture 丨Pico Art
This kind of sculpture is for outdoors, so the stainless steel material is the good choice.With mirror polished finish, it will looks like the mirror and it looks beautiful if put under the sunshine.Another function, auto rotated. Even you are standing still, you can see the whole view of this sculpture.DO you like it?
Pico Art Customized White Painted Hollow Stainless Steel Sculpture
Pico Art Best Quality Pico Art Customized White Painted Hollow Stainless Steel Sculpture Factory,ART AS YOU WISH,WE DO ART AS YOU WISH.Carve the candy into this shape first, cut the assembled part of the stainless steel mold plate, and then continuously beat it into the corresponding arc. It needs to be close to the foam mold at all times, and then weld the beaten-shaped small pieces. It is to polish and repair, make up the putty, spray the primer, spray the white particles, and then spray the varnish for protection. The final product is the finished product, waiting to be shipped to the customer!
Large Stainless Steel Sculpture on Production from Cutting to Welding in Factory
Pico Art Best Quality Large Stainless Steel Sculpture on Production from Cutting to Welding Factory,Metal sculpture is our strong point.It is on production in our factory, you can see the workers mark the size and want to put the mirror part on it.SO they will try to mark the size of the hollow part and know how to cut.Done cutting process, the work worker will ready to weld the mirror part and make it to be the whole part.In this way, normally we will weld inside to cover the welding points and make it looks better, sure it is more easier to deal with the surface polishing.
Customized Pico Art Large Stainless Steel Sculpture on Beach manufacturers From China
Pico Art Customized Pico Art Large Stainless Steel Sculpture on Beach manufacturers FromChina,WE DO CREATIVE ART.WE CREATE ART.This is large outdoor sculpture, made in stainless steel material and located on beach.The on-site installation of large sculptures requires the assistance of multiple people, and we will provide matching installation methods and installation parts, and can even direct professionals to guide the installation on site.
Large Stainless Steel Sculpture on Polishing Process - Pico Art
This kind of large abstract stainless steel sculpture, we need to polish it time by time after welded process as you know that it will have lots of welding point.Do you want to know more about progress of sculpture production?Please follow us and we will show you more.If you want to discuss with us about your projects, we will do our best to assist you with more than 19 years experience.
Diversified Stainless steel Artworks Abstract stainless steel sculptures for indoor and outdoor - Pico Art Co., ltd.
Abstract stainless steel sculptures for indoor and outdoor - In Singapore.PICO ART SUPPLY High Quality Diversified Stainless steel ArtworksThe artworks are widely used in hotel,commercial complex,luxury villa,outdoor landscape ETC.Size,design,finished is not the problem.We are team work,will provide you the options/solutionsOf course,accept customized.Welcome the cutomize order of large sculptureWE DO CREATIVE ART.WE CREATE ART.
Modern stainless steel blowing bubbles cute bear sculpture
It is a very cute bear which is blowing bubbles, all pieces made together the whole set.The material is stainless steel, with mirror finish.It is sitting posture, and stable. So it don't need other installation way.Do you like this kind of sculpture?
Professional Pico Art Stainless Steel Water Droplets Art Sculpture manufacturers
Pico Art Professional Pico Art Stainless Steel Water Droplets Art Sculpture manufacturers,We are the manufactuers of sculptureDroplet is a major public artwork for Outdoors and was commissioned for a busy square in High-end residential area. Droplet acts as beacon for the site which is inhabited by thousands of Residents.The jewel-like Droplet sits at an angle to reinforce its precarious and weighty presence. Droplet is made of stainless steel and mirror polished finish, which give the sculpture a sense of transparency and weightlessness.
Large Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Sculpture for Urban Decoration
Stainless steel mirror sculpture, as the name suggests, is to treat the stainless steel surface to the same effect as the mirror surface.The urban stainless steel sculpture improves the ecological environment of the urban environment as a whole, and also shows the overall style and image of the city. The designer of stainless steel sculpture takes the city as the overall background, and the stainless steel sculpture shows its amazing scene against the backdrop of modern buildings. It can be integrated with the surrounding environment and can be counted as part of the urban culture. The sculpture has a conflict and a sense of disharmony with the urban environment, so this stainless steel sculpture is an unqualified stainless steel sculpture.
Best Abstract Welcome Pine Stainless Steel Sculpture Supplier
Abstract Welcome Pine Stainless Steel Sculpture Pure Handmade Handicraft Abstract Sculpture Pure Hand Forged Art is extraordinary.The material is stainless steel #304, the size can be customized.The color is original stainless steel color.The characteristic of the welcoming pine is that one side of the branch is stretched out, such as extending one arm to welcome guests from afar, and the other hand is elegantly inserted in the trousers pocket, graceful and graceful, with a graceful posture.It looks very great!

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