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You’re in the right place for leather wall art.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Pico Art.we guarantee that it’s here on Pico Art.
This product will not produce an unpleasant or objectionable odor when used for the first time. After many washes, it became more fragrant. .
We aim to provide the highest quality leather wall art.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Leather carving wall art deocration from famous artist Products | Pico Art
Leather wall art decorationEach step and each carving need overview and detail handle.But for our master, with his exprience, he carve the leather just like the painting on drawing.The superb skills and extraordinary techniques are amazing. The carving knives are as handy as the paintbrushes in the hands of painters. The patterns of leather carvings are like real things, which are profound and have different flavors
Introto Pico Art Modern Leather Carving Wall Art for Hotel Decoration Pico Art
Pico Art Introto Pico Art Modern Leather Carving Wall Art for Hotel Decoration Pico Art,No matter whether it's a big or small project, we can handle it.As a leading manufacturer, supplier and designer from China, we are delight to present our state of art leather carving wall art in both modern and classic designs, the textured leather panel is made from high quality leather, and it is all handmade work by our expereieced master.
Best Quality Pico Art Modern Leather Carving Wall Art Decoration with Lights Factory
Pico Art BestQuality Pico Art Modern Leather Carving Wall Art Decoration with Lights Factory,We make the creation of sculpture easy.It is one kind of leather carving, the new trendy we are going for. Maybe you already knew more normal leather wall art before, but how about the leather wall art with lights? It is still the decoration for wall, but it is more ornamental especially you will feel more at night.Innovation, innovation and innovation, we hope to bring different things to customers, and we also hope that customers can better decorate the venues they need to decorate. That's what we always did and what we will keep doing.
Wholesale Pico Art Customized Leather Carving Wall Art Panel with Good Price-Pico Art
Pico Art Wholesale Pico Art Customized Leather Carving Wall Art panel withgoodprice-Pico Art,Metal sculpture is our expertise and passion.Showing several kinds of leather carving, it is modern and porcelain. It is all handmade work by our experienced master.It can be divided into parts as client's requirement, like two panels or three panels or even more panels.Flowers, birds, abstract things, anything that you can imagine, then we will do our best to make it ture. 
Intro to Modern Leather Painting Wall Art Decoration Pico Art
Leather carving, also known as "soft relief", can be traced back to the period when nomads lived by water and grass. The original leather painting was mainly made of animal leather, which was carved, ironed and painted. Sheepskin maps and simple decorative paintings were the most common. It is different from traditional wood carving paintings. Because of the characteristics of cowhide itself, the flowers, leaves, feathers, trees, etc. Carved in the paintings are no longer rigid, rigid, and immobile in paintings such as wood carvings, jade carvings, and stone carvings. It is soft, moving, and alive. It is more incisive and vivid to express the bits and pieces in the painting closer to nature!

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