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fake mountain sculpture

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The product can retain its structure. The unique spring-back technology ensures it to retain more than 95% of its thickness over time. .
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Customized Clear Resin Fake Mountains for Table Art Decoration manufacturers Pico Art From China
Pico Art Customized Clear Resin Fake Mountains for Table Art Decoration manufacturers From China,Sculpture is the focus of a space.Each material has its own expressive power. Because transparent materials have a surface that can pass through light, they can not necessarily divide and occupy space. Therefore, the characteristics and the application of sculpture in sculpture are of great significance. Transparent resin has a broad application prospect in sculpture.Transparent resin sculpture refers to the use of epoxy resin as a key raw material, which is produced through production and processing. Based on various technologies, many real characters, animals, and Chinese landscape paintings of the brand image have been created, which can illustrate the various artistic characteristics of this type of art.

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