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Pico Art metal iron vases painted gold with gold foil PG-AV0106-I
1. Three size but in same design, the size can be customized.2. 60-100 cm height metal vases3. Widely apply for clubs, five-star hotels, and villas and so on.4. Material is iron; there are also other many kinds of material vases.
Pico Art LV electro plating gold stainless steel sculpture
1. Two shapes, three pieces for one set.2. Size: Height 145 cm and 170 cm.3. Material: stainless steel #304, it is electro plating mirror finish.4. Widely apply for clubs, five-star hotels, and villas and so on.
Lexus Promotion Video and Pico Sculpture
It is the promotion video to introduce the new model of Lexus, but it is not only show the cars with high technology, but also connect with the art works. It means the fashion and arts leads the trend of this times.Technology can simplify your lifestyle, such as better replacing your way of travel and making your life more convenient. Art embellishes your life, not only beautifies the space of your life, modifies the environment, but also improves the spiritual level and the quality of life. The satisfaction of material life can ease our body, while the satisfaction of the spiritual level can delight our soul.It is the first time but not the only time to create art works for technology area, I am sure we can have more chance to make more like this.
Best Modern Graphical waterfall fountain decorative make digital water curtain Supplier
Through the solenoid valve and nozzle, under the editing of the computer program, various images and texts are displayed, creating an extremely friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The digital water curtain uses water as its basic element, and the water curtain technology that achieves the effect of graphic display completely subverts the previous concept of musical fountains and waterscape lights. The perfect display of technology in the form of art quickly attracts everyone's attention.Water curtains are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are generally widely used in office buildings, hotels, villas or parks. Of course, they are also useful at home. Water curtains are very comfortable and beautiful in viewing and decoration. There is a lot of potential for design development in the Water View Residence.
Intro to Modern Metal Large Hotel Sculpture Pico Art
Pico Art Intro to Modern Metal Large Hotel Sculpture Pico Art,Metal sculpture is our strong point.Various large-scale outdoor sculptures have different meanings in different scenes, and the ideas contained in them are also different. For example, Xinmi's large outdoor stainless steel landscape sculpture is a major feature of Xinmi scenic spots and high-end communities. Mirror stainless steel sculpture is a form of sculpture. The various styles of sculpture are derived from the mirror light material of the sculpture. The stainless steel party building sculpture is also very educational in Xinmi city sculpture. The stainless steel sculpture in the park area is a major feature of the park landscape. The campus stainless steel sculpture is a sculpture with educational and propaganda ideas. The large-scale sculpture of city hotel is not only a totem of the hotel, but also a cultural presentation of the hotel. People can think of this hotel when they see this sculpture. For the hotel, this is a soft cultural advertisement, which is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
Stainless steel mirror finish Round Ball water fountain
The material is stainless steel, with mirror finish.Maybe you could't find its original mirror finish as it is cover by water. But you could check the polishing process, it is on mirror polishing stage.Hope you could understand some technology progress of our sculptures.Any ideas, please share.
Best Quality Modern Abstract Large outdoor sculpture Factory
Pico Art Best Quality Modern Abstract Large outdoor sculpture Factory,No matter whether it's a big or small project, we can handle it.A successful large-scale sculpture can perfectly coordinate the spatial scale and make full use of the light of the surrounding environment. Large-scale sculptures are also the embodiment of the designer's personal keen sense of space, high-level materials and structural language grasping ability. At the same time, successful large-scale sculptures will not give people a sense of blockage or oppression due to the relatively close spatial scale, and they must have as much density and volume as possible from a distance.Designers are mostly drawn from nature and life. The sculptures designed are all elements drawn from nature, or leaves, or algae, or marine life, etc. The sculptures made of metal are placed in the woods. Or at sea, return to nature.
China modern and abstract slice wooden sculpture artwork manufacturers - Pico Art
Pico Art China Slice wooden sculpture artwork manufacturers - Pico Art,Metal sculpture combines the hard and softIn the sculpture design and manufacturing, we integrate different cultures & fashion elements into art by using abundant materials We're quite confident and experienced in quality control as per customer's requirements.Our mission is “DO ART AS YOU WISH” to provide our customer with the finest artwork and best service at the most competitive prices.Let's work hand in hand for your market!
Wholesale Custom Modern Art Vases with good price - Pico Art
These art vases for the project of our client.There are many kinds of material, such as iron, fiberglass, ceramic. Also included different size from small to big and large. The highest one more than 2 meters.We can offer our client the right solution based on their requirement.For different design, you can find some of them got the pattern or texture on surface, so it is better to consifer of ceramic and resin or fiberglass.But it is too big, it is not easy to control for ceramic. For safety usage, it is better to use fiberglass. Sure the cost will be less than ceramic.
Diversified Stainless steel Artworks Abstract stainless steel sculptures for indoor and outdoor - Pico Art Co., ltd.
Abstract stainless steel sculptures for indoor and outdoor - In Singapore.PICO ART SUPPLY High Quality Diversified Stainless steel ArtworksThe artworks are widely used in hotel,commercial complex,luxury villa,outdoor landscape ETC.Size,design,finished is not the problem.We are team work,will provide you the options/solutionsOf course,accept customized.Welcome the cutomize order of large sculptureWE DO CREATIVE ART.WE CREATE ART.
Large Outdoor Stainless Steel Crane from drawing to sculpture
Large Outdoor Stainless Steel Crane from drawing to sculptureWe discussed the shape and make the rough drawing to confirm the detail, then client approval the shape.We make the drawing with size to confirm with client.Then arrange the production, mold to cutting, forging to welding, polishing to coloring.Installation on site.
Metal Hollow Sport Man Sculpture Products | Pico Art
This kind of metal hollow sport man sculpture with strong metal instruture inside to support its stability.We will make the mold to refer to forge the shape with hammer time by time.Then will weld each pieces together for regrouping the whole shape.Do you know how to do next process?

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